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In music there are no boundaries, only worlds to be discovered. Born in Nairobi, Kenya and adopted into a diplomatic service family, I traveled extensively as a child living in many different countries; East Africa, Taiwan, Brasil, Haiti, West Africa, These experiences enriched my life and had a lasting impact on my musical interests.


I discovered classical music at a young age and was mesmerized by its ability to take the listener to an imaginary place. Classical piano lessons started at 12. After playing keyboards in a variety of bands, I returned to my roots and started composing synthetic orchestral soundscapes.


While attending the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan as a film major, I composed soundtracks for student films and found myself drawn more to the interaction of film and music than to the creation of the film itself. I began exploring a "visual approach" to music.


A strong interest in Eastern philosophy and belief in the healing powers of music led me on a path of spiritual composition.  As a practicing Massage Therapist, I incorporate my music into my sessions, creating an aural as well as physically relaxing experience for my clients.


To learn more about my Massage Therapy services or to book a session, please contact me for further information.

~ namaste


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