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"Music has always been my escape,
a place to express what words cannot say."


In music there are no boundaries, only worlds to be discovered. Born in Nairobi, Kenya and adopted into a diplomatic service family, I had the privilege of living in many different countries as a child - East Africa, Taiwan, Brasil, Haiti, West Africa. It was an interesting, but rather solitary life. 

My compositions come from a place of personal experience, spending much of my childhood alone and immersing myself in the sounds of classical music and the fantasy worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien, Jules Verne and Robert E. Howard.

I started playing piano at 12 years old and have played, (or attempted to play!) many instruments since. Ill never be a virtuoso on any single instrument, but have no desire to be. I treat each instrument as a vessel for expressing emotion. If I can convey what I want to say musically, then its ok.


As a composer, my goal is to create music that can transport the listener to an imaginary place. A place to reflect on their life experiences and cultivate a sense of mindfulness and introspection.

I currently live in New York with my wife Donna, where I am a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist. I'm happiest spending time on the trails and enjoy nature photography.

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